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Oak Grove Sanctuary Palm Springs is a crucial part the Coachella Valley.

It is a transitional community for young adults from 18 to 21 that are moving out of foster care

Their mission and goal is to provide support and reduce overhead costs for this very special population department of social services

Ellen Wolf Spirit of Pride award winner talks about Sanctuary Palm Springs

Our residents, working within a framework of “Nothing about me without me” created a short video in which they discuss some of the ways THP’s can enlist the input of foster youth throughout their design process.

A three minute video about

Sanctuary Palm Springs

A nine minute video about

Sanctuary Palm Springs

Holiday Spectacular 2019 

If you weren't able to attend you can join the fun by watching this video.

Ellen Wolf explains why she feels Sanctuary Palm Springs is important

The Palm Springs Community comes together each year to help care for for LGBTQ+ youth transitioning out of the foster care system into adulthood.

Executive Director Rob Woronoff thanks the community for their generosity.

Sanctuary Palm Springs annual, sold out Holiday Spectacular-Holiday Socks fundraiser held at Spencer's Restaurant

Sanctuary Palm Springs marches in Palm Springs Pride 2018

A squadron of volunteers from Edwards Air Force Base arrive to help paint Sanctuary Palm Springs first house

John Barrowman and Dorothy Grabos discuss the the important work we do at Sanctuary Palm Springs.

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