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Updated: Oct 27, 2020

t’s been another packed and productive few months at Sanctuary Palm Springs. Our house is still full, all of our residents are working and/or enrolled in classes, and we continue to explore options for expanding.

Before I talk about some of our exciting recent developments, I’d like to share a story that illustrates just how vitally important our services are. One morning in June, a man stepped out of his house on his way to work to find a young man sleeping on his front lawn. The young man had been living with a local foster parent and on the day he turned 18 she very unceremoniously (and illegally) dumped him at Sonic Burger. He didn’t know where to go so he went to a friend’s house and simply went to sleep on the lawn. That’s when I got the call. We knew we would have a room at Sanctuary opening in a week or two, so in the meantime, we were able to connect the young man to two wonderful local residents, Sir Rob Morrison and Will Cook, who generously allowed the young man to sleep in their casita until we could accept him at Sanctuary. He moved in with us two weeks later and he is thriving! He no longer has to worry about where he’ll sleep or how he’ll eat. He is currently enrolled in classes at COD and has set his sights on attending law school. And Sir Rob and Will continue to act as his mentors. THIS is why Sanctuary Palm Springs exists! 

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