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Read Our August 2020 Newsletter

I know I speak for everyone at Sanctuary Palm Springs—board, staff, and residents-- when I say that I hope you and your loved ones continue to stay safe and healthy during this pandemic. The good news on our end is that everyone at Sanctuary is doing well and doing all we can to stay that way. We remain at full capacity and even with the many challenges facing our residents under the best of circumstances (which these times are anything but), they are all enrolled in online classes, working, or job seeking. I’m also thrilled to report that they have all registered to vote! 

Not only are the young adults who live at Sanctuary taking care of themselves, they have also been busy thinking about those who will follow them in our Transitional Housing Program (THP) and in similar programs throughout the nation. Aquent, a Boston-based global staffing company, recently launched a “Designing for Good” grant competition for projects throughout the world that seek to develop innovative approaches to systems design. As beautiful and well designed as Sanctuary is, all programs can always be improved. Our residents, working within a framework of “Nothing about me without me” created a short video in which they discuss some of the ways THP’s can enlist the input of foster youth throughout their design process. And guess what-- we won! Thanks so much to Dean Minerd and his crew for helping our residents put together a winning video and to Ray Culver-Williams who encouraged Sanctuary to apply for this grant! Please check out the video on Sanctuary’s webpage. 

As you know, Sanctuary relies heavily on the many fundraising events we hold throughout the year. As you also know, the Covid-19 pandemic has prevented all of us in the nonprofit world from holding in-person events. So we are especially grateful to the many donors and foundations that have stepped up and stepped in to help us continue to prepare our young residents for a successful life after foster care. I’d like to thank Steve Tobin for his support through the Goodwin Family Memorial Trust and Grace Helen Spearman Charitable Foundation, Jeremy Hobbs’ Western Wind Foundation, and the Inland Empire Community Foundation, along with all of our wonderful Guardian Angels whose sustained giving is truly the lifeblood of Sanctuary Palm Springs. If you'd like more information on how to become a Guardian Angel, please visit our website at

Together, we are proving that our community, even--or perhaps especially—when things get rough, remains willing and able to help LGBTQ youth emerge from the foster care system into an adult life that will bring them joy, success, and the opportunity to help others as they are now being helped-- by you. 


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