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Our Family of Donors
$10,000 and Up

The Community Foundation

City of Palm Springs

Great Autos of Yesteryear

Edith Grossi and Beverly Sweigart

H.N. and Frances C. Berger Foundation

Richard Hebson

Barry McCabe

Jeff Brizzi & Tim McCormick

The Hacienda at Warm Sands, Jim Moje and Maurice Minno

Regional Access Project Foundation

Western Wind Foundation

Michael Wilson

$5000 and Up

Kristi Brown & Sara Hammond

Timothy Carlson and Curtis Barber

Goodwin Family Memorial Trust, Steve Tobin

Grace Helen Spearman Foundation, Steve Tobin

Spencer's Restaurant, Harold Matzner

Rooster and the Pig 

$2500 and Up

Mary Sue Allen


Sue Burnside

Rhonda Ceccato

Shawn & Ray Culver-Williams

CYM Lighting

Bill DeHart

Willie Rhine, Eight4Nine Restaurant and Lounge

Lee Erwin & Dr Timothy Jochen, Contour Dermatology,

Randy George & Chuck Collins

Mark Hamilton and Juan Francisco

Peter Hammond and Margo Ritter

Christopher Hesen & John Bethard

Glenn Johnson, Michael Melancon & Alex Schalasky

JPO Aesthetics, Dr. Jeffrey Olson

Law Offices of Eric A Rudolph P.C

The LGBT Community Center of the Desert

Room and Board

Tommi Rose

Tim Smith & Dan Donohue, Eventi Productions

Tac/Quila Restaurant

Andrea Milano, The Hollywood Times

Among Friends, Edie Anderson

Assurant, Inc.

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Jeffery Bellamy

Paul Burnett

Center for Spiritual Living

Cheer Los Angeles

Harry Courtright

Desert AIDS Project

Desert Flaggers

Brian Douglas & Jim Hodgkins

Dennis Dwyer

Sally Essmyer

Evzin Mediterranean Cuisine, John Tsoutis 

The George and Evelyn Howard Endowment Fund

Frank Goldstin & Paul Clowers, Momentous Events

Adrienne Hayes & Christine Alloro

Andrew Herbach and Karl Raaum

Sean and Steven Heslin

Stefan Hill & Christopher Mandarano

Michael Huges & Jim Hering

Alan Hymowitz

Bob Iles and Eric Rudolph

International Bear Convergence

John B. Kennedy

Christopher Kennedy Inc.

Lawerence Laporte

Locale Magazine

Toby Malina & Jim Heid

Richard Manzano & Dr Suzanne Quardt

Patsy & David Marino

John McDonald & Rob Wright

J Stephen Meyer

Microsoft Corporation

David Milbrandt & Mike Walker

Barth Norton

Tim O'Bayley, O'Bayley Communications

Palm Springs Crave, Beverly Sweigart

David Perry & Alfredo Casuso

Magi Raible

Jeff Stanley and Alain Peracca

Daniel Tabib

The Tropicale Restaurant

Darrell Tucci

Jacci Tutunjian

Ron Wallen

Brian webb

Rich Weissman & J.D. Horn

Ellen Wolf

$1200 and Up
Monthly or Quarterly Donors

George Bullis

Michael Darling, Desert Oasis Chapel

Michael Herzfeld and Charles Drabkin

James Joslin

Rob Lucas

Rip Marsh

Rick Pace & Dr. Myron Avila

John Ribaudo

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